How to arrive to your Lash appointment

Before Lash Appointment

  • Come to your lash appointment with Clean Lashes-
  • NO Caffeine
  • Please come alone
  • Make sure to sign the consent form online prior to your appointment
  • use the restroom
  • Please silence Phones: Make sure you silence your phone and complete text and emails. We as lash artist are not permitted to check phones and as a client it’s important that your eyes are closed during the whole process for their protection.

During Appointment

  • Please limit the verbal conversation when we are placing eyelash extensions on. Although we love you, we miss you and we may wanna catch up, it is very helpful to us that you are quiet because we can get you in and out in a timely matter without distractions.
  • Feel free to take a LASH NAP! We are know for clients to come to us and take quick lash naps. We understand that time is of the essence and this may be the only time clients get to receive a full nap. We understand that rest is important and we will make sure to wake you up upon completion or time requested.
  • If an emergency takes place and you have to leave before the completion of an appointment, you will still be require to pay the full amount before leaving and you and book another appointment for your return.